Saturday, June 16, 2012

Air Miles - USA to Europe via the UK

Time to leave the states and head back to Europe.

So the Teva Mountain Games finished on Sunday and I spent my last day in the states at the Six Flag theme park in Denver with Stephen, Clay, Courtney and the Jacksons before flying back to the UK. 

Courtney leads the way at the theme park

Then it was a very quick turn around and busy few days reloading ready to head out to Austria to train and compete at the European Freestyle Kayaking Championships.

John hands over the keys to the brand new VW Transporter to Claire and the VW Van Centre West Yorkshire wish her luck for the forthcoming European Championships

Once again this year I am unbelievably lucky to have the support of the Volkswagen Van Centre West Yorkshire who will be sponsoring me with a incredible kayaking vehicle for my UK and European events. This year the brand new VW Transporter T5 is Olympic blue and has all my new logos, designed by Rob Crowe and printed by Austhorpe signs, across it. It has also, once again, been kitted out with a combi bed and fridge by Exploria making it the perfect travelling vehicle for life on the road. For the next 7 weeks I will be travelling round Europe with my coach Dennis Newton. Living out of the van so this set up is perfect. 

Den loading up the final items of kit for our 7 week adventure
Once loaded, its amazing how much kit you can fit into a Transporter Van, we are on our way. Our first stop is London where we pick up GB Junior Brandon Hepburn who will be travelling with us for the first 3 weeks of our adventure. With so much rain the last few weeks we take the chance to make the most of being in the Thames Valley and fit in a cheeky Hurley wave surfing session.

Claire O' going big on Hurley
Den flys through the air on one of many big moves

Claire O' sets up for a big airscrew

Then its a quick stop to meet my good friend from Nepal Sanu Babu Sunwar and hear about his incredible adventure 'The Ultimate Descent / Everest to the Sea'. Babu and his friend Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa have just climbed Everest, Paraglided of the Summit back to Namache Bazar and then kayaked down to the Sea in India breaking world records and being named the National Geographic 2012 'Adventurers of the Year'. Check out their website to find out more about his incredible adventure.

Babu gives us a sneak preview on the video of his adventures
Babu tells Andy and Graham one of many of the incredible 'histories' / stories 
Then we are on our way to Europe.