Monday, April 15, 2013

Sydney & the SWR Radio Interview

I've had an exciting few weeks out here in Australia training on the Penrith White Water course and living in the Sydney Olympic Park.

The sunshines bright over the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Beautiful sky over the Sydney Opera House

Exploring the mountains and city by bike, train, on foot and by ferry I have really had chance to take in the beauty of this magnificent city.

Incredible sunsets over the skyline
Fireworks over the Olympic Park

To top it off I have had chance to meet and train with some incredible paddlers at the Whitewater Course and SUP and wake board with some great people at the awesome Cables Wake Park.

Training begins

It doesn't always go quite to plan
This weekend Jez and I were invited into the local radio to chat about Freestyle kayaking. Heres the podcast from our interview with 99.9 SWR FM DJ Brendan Leggett.

I don't think Jez fully realised how radio works!

Next weekend its the NZ Juniors freestyle national championships. I look forward to supporting and seeing the kids compete. Theres some talented young paddlers out here.

24 hours in Africa - Uganda 2013

Imagine if you had a day to spend in Africa, kayaking and hanging out on the White Nile. Here's an idea of what adventures that 24 hours might just hold.

An exciting look back at good memories from the start of the year.

Recent Press Appearances

I have been lucky to have some sweet recent press coverage. My recent article on my adventures in New Zealand made the online Paddler magazine.
I featured on the latest advert for the new partnership between media specialists NELO and  Sportscene.
Most excitingly I am helping to promote a new National Health campaign against surfers ear. Working with the team at Starky we will be promoting the use of ear plugs whilst paddling and proving easy access to professional ear plugs to kayakers across the UK.