Saturday, September 07, 2013

Worlds in Full Swing

Clay v's Claire both leading the way into the finals in the squirt boating class
(massive thanks to Chris McEnriy for the photo)

So the last few days have been crazy. Non stop action and competitions here at the NOC and its all about to get even wilder as in just over an hour the K1 Women and Mens finals will be kicking off under floodlights.

I've already competed three times making the cut to finals in squirt boating and the cut to semi's in freestyle. Leading the way in both I have managed 3 personal best rides. Two 1,000 point plus rides in squirt boating (HS 1,257) and a massive 810 point in freestyle.

However this is only the start I have 3 rounds left starting with the semi's tonight and some great paddlers and friends to compete with, I can't wait.

All the hard work and training is paying off and i'm enjoying every moment competing and throwing down what I have learnt.

Because its been so busy i've been struggling to blog so check out the event website and the following links for live stream footage of the event as it happens and write ups on all the action on the event.

Tonight i'm on at 9pm (US time)