Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Golds Hole

Claire O clean blunts the shoulder

Set in the beautiful Salmon valley is a sick surf wave called Golds Hole. Golds hole a wave? you may ask! Well it's true at the current levels it is an amazing surf wave. With a sweet pile and perfect green face it is an incredible wave.

Golds Hole
So with the levels low on the Payette and SUP paddlers everywhere it became a great excursion site and training ground for me, Clay and the Vorhees boys. Every chance we got we jumped int the cars and set off on the 2 1/2 hour drive along the beautiful valley and deep into the Salmon gorge. 

Working on the airscrew
To say this place is stunning is an understatement. It is no surprise it is renowned as one of the best rivers to explore. We surfed every session till almost dark and then enjoyed watching the sunset from our beach camp spot along the river banks. Walking again to get up go out and surf some more. It's incredible watching Clay, Alec and Hayden throw down. Big move after big move. Enjoying every moment and cheering each other on.

Flying high
Then on our last session of the season just before the levels dropped. I got to paddle with a good friend and top local paddler Devon Barker as well as with Surf and SUP pro Chuck Glynn. The levels soon dropped and as the wave disappeared and it turned back into Golds Hole we drove a few miles down the valley and had a smashing end to the session. Trying to surf it on a short board. Don't watch this video if your Squimish