Sunday, July 26, 2015

Idaho Life: Making the most of every minute of every day

Lake Cascade at Sunset
What did you do today? Here's what I got up to in just one day this summer in Idaho... 7.30am Wake up, 7.45am Yoga, 8.15am Core Workout, 8.45 Breakfast, 9.30am Teach kids to Kayak, 12 noon meet friends for lunch, 1pm teach more kids to kayak, 4pm surf and freestyle at the park, 5pm tandem bike ride 16km through the mountains to meet friends for dinner, 7pm eat an amazing steak at Buffalo Grills. 9pm Wake surf all night watching the sun set under the full moon on Cascade lake with music blaring from an amazing boat, 11.03pm drive home, 12pm sleep! 

Tandem bike ride adventures
(please note we did wear helmets for the ride)

Wake Surfing under the full moon
One of my favourite places on my USA tours has to be Idaho not just because, of the Kelly's White Water Park, Payette River games and Kelly's Academy but also because of all the other fun activities I get to do when I'm in town.

Mad Adventures

In Amazing places

with Awesome friends
Idaho is an adventure paradise especially around the Cascade, McCall and Tamarrack areas. With big mountains, rivers and lakes everywhere there so much to do. Add to this the fact that each summer when I head into town I'm joined by the Kelly's Academy team and a great group of friends who live locally. It's the recipe for 3 weeks of non stop fun. 

Watching the sunrise and sunset over the lake
From morning workouts and yoga, to kayaking on the Salmon and Payette rivers, stand up paddle boarding at the park and out on the lake,. Wake surfing and wake kayaking behind incredible big boats, surfing sharks and dolphins, watching incredible sunsets , stars, planets and the full moon. Tandem bike riding through the mountains and valleys, driving the mountains in search of snow then stopping to having snow ball flight, watching big fireworks shows from a awesome boat in the middle of the lake, slingshotting fireworks of the back of the same boat, hosting our own mini fireworks display at the park, visiting ER, loads of friends and the local hot springs. Playing cards, sharing stories, taking photos, making videos, chilling around a fire, and eating amazing food, a non stop role of BBQ's and epic meals with great friends. It was the perfect way to spend every hour outside of the Academy. Bring on 2016.

including .... Mountain goat spotting

Wake Surfing

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Sharkie Wake Surfing
Breaking things and fixing things

Kayak Wake Surfing

Firework displays

Snowball fights

Mountain Adventures

Epic meals including Bow and Arrow caught Elk steaks
Did I mention Wake surfing ?

Crazy beautiful scenery

and of course kayaking :)