Tuesday, September 26, 2017

ICF Judges Seminar - Grade A Judge

45, 60, 90, 110. Clean , Super Clean, Huge, Aerial, Linked???

My brains is fried and its awesome. After many years in the sport and many many hours spent judging I have finally got myself on an ICF Judges Training seminar in Plattling with Sneaky Pete and Terry Best and officially passed so I can officially announce that I am now an A Grade which means I can know judge at all competitions worldwide including World Championships. I also was lucky to have the opportunity to learn from Terry and Pete how to deliver judge training seminars so that I can return to Australia and later this year run the first ever ICF Freestyle kayak seminar in Oceania. If your interested in judging freestyle on a National and International level, have an eye for quickly analyzing movements and your willing to practice and learn and would enjoy a front row seat to all the action then i'd highly recommend you sign up for an ICF Judges seminar.

Top Tips to give you the best chance at achieving an ICF A or B grade.

1. Study the rules and appendix's
2. Watch lots of videos and work out how to spot the moves
3. Read and watch all the videos and descriptions on the Paddle Education website
4. Spend a lot of time studying squirt boating as this has an equal part in the judges role and exams
5. Watch and judge as many athletes, competitions and runs as you can before you attend your seminar
6. Ask other judges for advice on help there are a lot of tips and tricks that you can use to spot the moves and judges are always happy to share their advice and experiences.