Wednesday, April 04, 2018

The Dream : The Reality

12 years ago I had a dream to represent my country in the sport I loved and to give my all to try and win a medal. This week I added two more golds medals to my collection.

Years of hard work, dedication and amazing experiences

That first worlds back in 2007 I finished 2nd and won a silver and I was so happy. However knowing that I could be better lit a fire inside me that drove me to keep training to keep improving. In 2009 I won the Gold. In 2011 I won the double. In 2013 I doubled the double. In 2015 I set my highest ever ride score and won my 4th squirt boat world Gold on the same venue as my first silver with a ride I was so proud of. A ride I may never beat. I also won a bronze on a wave, a style of paddling I had never before medaled on. 

This year I won the double again. This time with a freestyle ride that I am so proud of. That showcases how far I have come as an athlete and how far the sport has come. People have asked will I continue the honest answer is yes. For as long as I feel I can be competitive I will compete if I win medals along the way that's a bonus but what I do know is I am proud of where I have come from. I am proud of what I have achieved. I have more drive to be even better. I have more to give.

World Champion K1W 2017
I am proud to have helped shaped the future of the sport and to have helped inspire and coach the next generation to achieve more than could ever be imagined. To know the future of the sport is looking so strong and that the athletes following behind me have the drive and desire I had at my first worlds the drive and desire that will push them too to be better than they could ever imagine, to achieve their biggest dreams and to do the impossible. That makes me the most proud and happy. To win one Championship medal is a dream come true. To win 8x ICF Golds, 1x ICF Silver and 1 x ICF Bronze and to have been selected to showcase our sport at the London 2012 games is insane.

Thank you to everyone who shared this adventure with me and made it possible. Here's to even bigger rides in the future.