Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We're on our way...

We set of from the UK on Thursday in our fantastic new VW transporter T5 to compete in the World Freestyle Kayaking Championships in Thun Switzerland 2009. With news that the wave isn’t going to be ready until Tuesday we stopped at a few waves along the way. We surfed at the Rhienfeld Wave in Germany and at then at the main wave in Bremgarten, Switzerland. The weather has been gorgeous and we have been getting in some epic freestyle wave sessions. I am travelling with team mates Dave Bainbridge and Islay Crosby and we have been making the most of the time on these top quality waves, in warm up for the worlds.

Having a fantastic time on the wave at Bremgarten

Surfers and kayakers together making the most of the river palyground

Dave B going huge

Chilling in the middle of the river, mentally preparing for the challenge ahead.

We arrived at Thun on Sunday afternoon where we were greeted by sunshine and happy smiling boaters from across the world.

We set up camp at nearby Gwatt at a lovely campsite where we pitched tarps, tents and funky VW vans. The campsite is the perfect location to be chilling and training for the World Championships with blue skies, blue clear warm(ish) water in the lake and snow capped mountains surrounding the campsite. It is also only a 45 min walk, 20 min cycle or 10 min bus ride to the main competition site in Thun.

We have been in Thun now for two days and in this time I have spent a lot of time in the lake training and swimming, and biking and taking in the sights. Today we registered and picked up our competition bibs in the morning and I spent the afternoon, in gorgeous hot sunshine, on the water preparing for the competition. However about an hour and a half ago the weather broke and we have just had an hours nonstop torrential downpour.

Competition wise the wave has not been formed yet and the squirt boating venue is still to be confirmed, however logistics for the event seem to be well underway. The plan is for all decisions and alterations to the river to be made by tomorrow afternoon with the official team training programmed to start Thursday morning.