Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Day 7 - Its been a week!

Up early with a fright as I can't work out what is trying to unzip and get into our tent. The winds whistling around outside blowing the top cover all over and something is trying hard to get in! I can feel Scouts feet next to mine so it's not him. What's trying to get in? Then the shadow appears in front of me. I jump up. Only to find it is Scout and my feet are actually on his dry bag! Panic over all is ok! 

Morning light coming up the valley as seen from the Red Cavern
2 hours later and it's time to get up. It's an early start as we quickly make our way round the corner from the campsite to the Red Cave for breakfast. A we approach the cave looks small but as we get closer it gets bigger and bigger it's amazing! A deep undercut cavern cut into the face of the massive red canyon wall. We chill and watch the sun come around the upstream bend of the canyon. brightening and bringing color to everything it touches. The photos won't give full credit to the incredible beauty if this place - nothing really can!  Scout sets up a funky group photo which gives some relation to the enormity of the place. A figment of vision he manages to set it up so we are all stood on each others hands!

The most amazing breakfast venue ever
After breakfast we are back on our way quickly blasting out the 11 miles to the lunch spot then another 8 or so miles till a funky canyon walk. After an amazing surf on a 1 foot high but several foot wide perfectly glassy wave, dual surfing momentarily with Scout. It's time to switch to a 30 minute hike. Or so Rob said! 1 hour later and with slightly aching feet, wearing my PeakUK play boating booties as apposed to the very expensive specialist Tevas I had ready in my well packed dirtbag, we reach our target an amazing little gulley deep within saddle canyon with a wonderful waterfall. 
Saddle Canyon
JB scaling the climb out
A bit of climbing and canyoning later we start the descent and within minutes I have fallen in the river and into the jungle bush! These shoes definitely aren't for hiking! We get down to the rafts just in time to fend of the ravens who have destroyed a rubbish bag in James boat and where about to start making their way through the rest of the contents of the raft. Then we are back on our way again in search of the perfect place to sleep. 
Surfing a sweet river wave shortly before being wiped out by Scout!!!
Dinosaur camp in the depths of the canyon is our base for the night. Luckily as the beer, wine, Mikes and whiskey flows our isolated camp is perfect for our late night singing as we all settle into a great night of music lead by Antoine on the guitar and Rob on vocals. 10.30pm a late night everyone stumbles / rolls (Andy) into bed, shattered from an awesome day!