Friday, July 18, 2014

Payette River Games - Wrap Up

Payette River Games Athlete Swag Bag

Having chosen not to do the World Cup series this year, to focus instead on developing my wave boating skills, ready for next years World Championships on Garb my biggest competition on this years schedule was the PRG's at the Kelly's White Water Park in Cascade, Idaho. USA.

Big Wave surfing at Kellys (photo by Phillip Robert)

This massive sports and music festival designed to celebrate everything great about being by the river and whitewater life saw over 600 competitors from all around the world come together to compete. There were beginners through to Pro's in a whole variety of sports.

Awesome NC band Mipso Trio kick off the music festival

I competed in three out of the four kayaks events, 8 Ball, Boater X and Freestyle. It was a super fun and action filled weekend. The sun shone and as the music pumped from the Red Bull DJ and the live bands all the athletes took part in hours after hours of intense and highly skilled competition. It was great to see so many friends from around the world at the park for the weekends event. Jez (Australia) was back on the Mic, Jason and Courtney (NZ) and Jen, Joe, Sara and Brandon (UK) we're all on this side of the pond and Arthur and Lori (NC, USA) had made the trip over to see us all and cheer us on.

Yeah buddy the Unicorn is back

Sara James styling it in the SUP events

My great friends and biggest fans Arthur and Lori Tribble from NC
and of course Jez :)

In the 8 ball race I set off well only to instantly come face to face with young 8 Baller Brody Kellogg who had been hiding behind the river bank. We collided hard and I got knocked straight into the meat of the hole. A bit of tandem surfing with 8 baller Natalie Anderson and freestyle later I eventually exited the hole in time to see all the other girls in my heat cross the finishing line in the distance way ahead of me. Now 8 ball isn't all about the winning. Its about the tackles and battles. So, despite being completely out for the race I had to continue to battle through the gauntlet. Taking hit after hit from 8 Baller Tino Specht before having a final battle with fellow brit, a smiling laughing Sara James. Then, and i'm not sure how long it took but lets say, awhile later I crossed the finish line with a big smile beneath my full face helmet . It was a fun battle and I was glad to have done it and too still be in one piece.

Crunching is the best way to describe the hits by the Unicornous- Rex

After the 8 Ball the Boater X race felt relatively easy. Setting off four at a time from the launch ramp I battled well around gate 1 and 2 before getting caught slightly of guard and dropping in for another long creek boat freestyle session in the main hole. Carrying a shoulder injury from training I got caught out on my left side and didn't have the power to escape. Much to the entertainment of the crowd and the announcers I spend another minute or so in the hole before eventually spinning my boat around and getting onto my stronger right shoulder where I was easily able to paddle my way out. Once again I made my way to the finish line in last place.

Battling towards Buoy 4 in the Boater X race

The judges watch closely and make sure we don't miss the gates

Luckily in the Boater X sprint qualifiers I had got a good time which meant I wasn't completly out. I got a wild card place into the semi finals. But due to my wild card position I was in a very stacked heat. That said somehow in a lucky break of genius I made it straight through the hole and then got a break away from Sage and Adrienne and they battled head to head with each other through the last half of the course and I finished in first place. That meant I was into the finals. Sat at the top of the ramp alongside 4 extraondiaryly talented top extrememe races and Olympians I felt honoured to have the chance to race again and was stoaked with my 4th place finsh. What a race.

Nikki Gregg chilling in the hot tub watching the comp
Between kayak events theres awhile load of other events to watch

Announcing the Mens freestyle semi finals with Jez

Then my main event, the freestyle. The feature at Kellys is epic its a powerful hole with a green wave shoulder. It has previously seen world records smashed and is one of the best features in the World. However that said its not easy and that really showed at this event. Alot of the girls struggled with its power and the need for precise set ups and absolutely perfect technique. In the prelims I had one great run in which I pulled together a mixture of wave and hole tricks that I had been working hard on, but in the semis and finals I couldn't ever quite get into the flow. Only getting 2-3 trcks in each run It was 2-3 big tricks each time though so I was able to still secure 2nd place behind defending PRG's Champion Emily Jackson who put down consistent solid runs. Mixing up wave and hole tricks in each and every ride to take a well deserved 1st place.

Jas stands in for Den helping keep me smiling and ready for my rides

Throwing a back stab

Hucking a back stab right

Crowds watch on as I hit a nice loop

Celebrating a great event with Emily

There were a lot of highlights during the events. It was a fantastic weekend and I really recommend everyone who can to come along and take part next year or at least follow all the action on the live stream online.

Mathieu wins the mens freestyle event with a huge 2,000+ point ride
This is the new big event. The one not to be missed and its just going to get bigger and bigger. Did I mention it has well over $105,000 in prize purses up for grabs over the weekend.

Womens freestyle podium

If you missed the action this year you can still watch it online. Check it out at There are also some great photos and write ups on the and on the Sports Illustrated website.

Getting my first feature in Sports Illustrated

Thank you Mark and Kristina Pickard, Jeff Banks and the rest of the Kelly's White Water Park and Payette River Games team including all the judges, announcers, volunteers and organisers for putting on such an awesome river festival event. Bring on the PRG15

Big smiles around after a great event.