Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Road to Worlds

The Worlds are coming

The Agenda

And theres more

It's crazy to believe that there is now only 5 days left to Worlds. That's only 5 more sleeps and 5 more training sessions until the show begins and all the hard work of the last 2 years gets put to the test. 

Flying high on Garb

6 weeks ago I flew to Canada to start training. Garb had just come in and the levels here were prime. I arrived to find the river surprisingly empty with with the exception of the usual suspects (the Jacksons, the locals, Bren, Courtney and a collection of other friends and pro boaters from around the world). We almost had the place to ourselves for the whole summer and with Garb in. Albeit is at constantly varying levels the worlds wave was in for almost 8 weeks!!!

Travelling in style thanks to Hunt Club VW

Then a week ago things changed. Everyone started arriving the Frenchies, Swiss, Norway, Australia, New Zealand every day a new country arrived. The lines increased and the river got busier. Off the water things also started to develop fast as infrastructure began to be built. Stands started popping up, bridges, flags, kayaking displays outside a lot of the local houses and towns. The Worlds adverts began to appear and some local press coverage. As the excitement and Stoke begun to commence.

The local town showing their support for the athletes

The Athletes arrive in force

As the excitement began to build the weather turned and we had some super heavy rain and severe storms for a few days. Were we may normally have sat out and waited for the sunshine and storms to pass we would instead paddle out under the roaring thunder to find the wave still busy with a line of 12 or more. Despite the crowds though the atmosphere and vibe was great. Everyone was here for the same reason to surf this epic wave and prepare for the big event. 

Walking up early for a sunrise paddle

Training with Jacko, Bruce and Den
This picture says a thousand words and could mean the
difference between 1st and last place

Then this week as the final few athletes rolled in and the lines began the max out at 30+. The official schedule was released and the Worlds team training slots began.

Mitch trains for his first worlds

Den showing us how its done

Jez throwing around the OC1

With the wave in prime conditions each team was allocated a specific training slot. Approx 3 minutes per athlete of uninterrupted training.

The builds to Worlds is coming.... Only 5 days left to show time.

Opening Ceremony coming soon