Thursday, August 11, 2016


Big Joe Wave - Lachine Rapids, Montreal

Throw forward several weeks of non stop boating and I am now in the beautiful city of Montreal surfing a super crisp wave in the middle of the Lachine rapids called Big Joe. Whilst the world is focused in on the Olympics (and rightly so) we are battling our own competition. The competition to enjoy every last minute of the summer here in Canada and get as many big tricks in as we can whilst we have access to this world class wave.

Den sits ready for his turn

Dropping in to Big Joe
Just surfing this wave feels so amazing

Den flew out here to join me over a week ago and we have been non stop surfing since he landed. Starting out on Garb, Push Button and Baby Face on the Ottawa we have now switched base and are preparing for the Montreal L'vie event this weekend.

Claire O hits a sweet clean blunt

Den throws a huge blunt

Over the last week on the Ottawa I have made huge progress in my wave boating landing air screws and clean blunts amongst other tricks. Garb has been at an epic level. A little foamy but super good for practising and seasoning big tricks. Now we are here though, the challenge is to transfer what I have learnt onto a super smooth green wave which is pretty cool.

Surfers and kayakers share the waves

Double surfing with Den

Landing an airscrew

This weekends Montreal L'evie event is a big wave event that involves jet skis, jet boats, big rapids and massive waves. We can't wait. Its going to be my first big wave event. I'm going to try put together a routine but more than that I am going to enjoy the opportunity to experience the river in a different way. This will be my first big wave event, my first time jet ski towing into a wave, my first big water extreme race, my first time ever seeing let alone surfing Mavericks and my first time competing with the Montreal crowd. Its going to super cool.

Its such a cool place so urban yet so wild
Everywhere around is water and nature

We take it in turns to surf and then walk back up to go again
Until then though we have 2 days of Big Joe surfing left. My whole body aches like crazy but i'm ready to go surf. The sun is out, my kit is ready, its time to go surf.

Surfs up