Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Desert, sun and hours of fun

As the competition draws closer its time to take some rest days and check out some of the amazing desert around the lake here in San Juan. Check out the photos from my adventure with Islay and Gav yesterday. Cactus, desert, random photo of me in a pink boat and long boarders and the incredible lake view I have the pleasure to wake up to everyday here in San Juan.

The last few weeks have been non stop manic, a mixture of hours and hours of kayaking, loads of sleeping, eating steak, catching up with friends from all over the world, helping Jez with 101 logistical challenges of being part of the ICF team organizing the event and then trying to keep cool and out of the crazy hot desert sun.

Sorry for the lack of blogs. Good news is training has gone really well and with only 4 days left it is time for some well earned chill out time and rest. Time to re-energize ready for the big week of competition ahead.

Jez arrives Saturday night and the competition starts Sunday.