Friday, April 25, 2008

International Squirt Gathering, France

My first international training trip this year took place at the end of April on the Chesserac Gorge in France. I flew out to the ‘Downtime’ International Squirt Gathering with 13 British squirt boaters to join one French squirt boater at what is by far Europe’s best squirt boating location.

The aim of the weekend was to improve my mystery moves, the move where a squirt boater disappears below the surface of the river traveling with the flow, underwater, for as long as possible before resurfacing smoothly and elegantly.

At approx 2.5m under the rivers surface, having been there for over 9 seconds, I found myself hitting the up button and resurfacing fast. I had once again ran out of breath.

Over the weekend I accomplished my aim and mastered the mystery move properly for the first time in nearly two years of trying.

It was a fantastic trip. It was amazing watching Ben White, Dave Savage and Dan Smurf some of Europes top ‘Mystery Move Specialist’ hitting the bottom of the river almost 4m deep and staying their for over 25 seconds. Insane.

Information, photos and videos on the squirt boat gatherings can be found on as can details for next years trip.