Friday, March 20, 2009

Great British Freestyle and Squirt Boating Team Selection 2009

What a week!!!

This weekend the GB Freestyle Team 2009 Selection Event took place at Hurley Weir on the the River Thames. The event was held to select a team to represent Great Britain at the Freestyle World Championships in Switzerland in September

Having being told mid summer last year to focus on one discipline and not my usual two, I had spent most of the winter in the gym and the pool working on developing my fitness levels and squirt boating skills ready for the Great British Squirt Boating Team selections 2009.

Squirt boating was up first on Saturday morning. With 15 competitors entered, high winds and strong currents made the competition tough and competitors really had to battle hard in an effort to try and win a place on the team.

After an hour of harsh competition the team was decided.

The ladies squirt boating team for the 2009 World Championships is Claire O'Hara, Emma Runsimmon and Sara James and the men's team is James Reeves, Pete Cornes and Chris Jones.

Ben White the current World Champion will also be representing Great Britain in Switzerland in September at the Worlds when he goes to defend his title.

Following the squirt boating competition the focus moved to the main weir pool where the freestyle competiton took place on the infamous Hurley Wave. Again the competition standard was very high and the athletes put on a great display showing high quality, skillful freestyle performances.

Congratulations to the following athletes who made the British Team and good luck at the Worlds.

GB Freestyle Kayaking Team 2009

K1 Men The kayak men's team

* Alan Ward (team)
* Doug Cooper (team)
* Jon Best (team)
* Richard Chrimes (team)
* Sam Anderson (team)
* Chris Bucksey (reserve)
* Jeff Grainger (squad)
* Mark Childerhouse (squad)

K1 Ladies The kayak ladies team

* Emily Wall (team)
* Fiona Jarvie (team)
* Lowri Davies (team)
* Flic Meares (reserve)
* Claire O'Hara (squad)
* Nicola Beeby (squad)

K1 Junior Men's The junior kayak men's team

* Arron Layton (team)
* Ben West (team)
* Stuart Parry (team)
* Joe Bradley (reserve)
* Adam Cox (squad)
* Brandon Hepburn (squad)
* James Benns (squad)

K1 Junior Ladies The junior ladies kayak team

* Islay Crosby (team)
* Poppy Layton (team)
* Gabby Bates (reserve)
* Millie Leith (squad)

C1 Unisex The closed canoe mixed team

* David Bainbridge (team)
* Lee Pyke (team)
* Stuart Parry (team)
* David Florence (reserve)
* Richard Longley (reserve)
* Lee Royle (squad)

OC1 Unisex The open canoe mixed team

* James Bradley (team)
* Paul King (team)

Squirt Men The men's squirt team

* Chris Jones (team)
* James Reeves (team)
* Pete Cornes (team)
* Arron Layton (reserve)
* Adam Dumolo (squad)
* Luke Farrington (squad)

Squirt Ladies The ladies squirt team

* Claire O'Hara (team)
* Emma Runciman (team)
* Sara James (team)
* Millie Leith (reserve)

Oh yeah I forgot to mention... I couldn't resist having a go at Freestyle again too. So I will also still be on the GB Freestyle Team in 2009 but this time as a squad member. :o)