Friday, March 20, 2009

Squirt Boat Training at Leeds Met University

The wonderful world of squirt boating is a place rarely visited by most. It is a fascinating world in which pain seeking boaters squeeze themselves into handcraft glitter coated crafts, designed specifically ‘not’ to float. These sinking boats offer their riders the opportunity to experience a new dimension of life through exploration of water in its simplest form.

These special people of which there are only a few have a soul and understanding that allows them to be at one with the water. They skilfully paddle as one with the boat, performing complex manoeuvres, stylishly and effortlessly above and below the water surface.

They travel the world searching and striving for the ultimate ride. They seek out the perfect charcs (circular flows of the river water) that allow them smooth unhindered travel into the depths of the water. They do it solely for the enjoyment; they do it because it is fun.

I am one of these few people. I am a squirt boater. I am searching for the ultimate ride...

Over the last few months I have been trying to master the above water element of this complex sport. I have been working hard with a team of video analysts in the swimming pool trying to work out the fine bio mechanical processes involved in each of the squirt boating freestyle (above the water) manoeuvres. Over the next few months I will be travelling across the World to try to master the next step, the underwater travel. The mystery...

This short video will hopefully give you a small insight into the strange yet wonderful squirt boating world.

Thanks to Leeds Met University for their help in supporting my pool based training this year.