Friday, August 27, 2010

Canada 2010

Girls only ...

Bumble Bear and the girls

In November we had the idea of a girl’s kayaking trip to Canada. Several months later and its almost worked we have 6 girls and 8 honorary girls, the lads just couldn’t miss out, travelling from the UK to Canada for 14 days paddling on the Ottawa and Lachine rivers.

Early morning session on the Ottawa

We arrived in Canada to find the rivers at their lowest levels in 7 years. But being brits we brought the rain with us and within a few days they had begun to rise and the famous waves began to form.

Baby Face

We have spent most of our time on the Ottawa river, staying at Pioneer Point Guest House only 5 minutes paddle away from Garb, surfing twice some times 3 times a day.

Craig and Gareth check out their line at McCoys

Rob rips it up on Garb

Craig goes big on Baby Face

We also spent 4 days in Montreal surfing the infamous Lachine rapids and Big Joe.

Claire O going big on Big Joe

Craig tearing up Big Joe

Claire H prepares to drop in the Big Joe