Sunday, May 16, 2010

New 2010 Jackson Star

I have just received delivery of my brand new GB team coloured Linear 2010 Jackson Star.

Over the last few months I have been testing out the 2010 star series. The stars have always been unbelievably well designed freestyle kayaks. Their simple but well thought out designs have been shaped to allow paddlers to learn easily and quickly.

The boats are unique in that they are forgiving, allowing paddlers to develop without constantly being punished for every little mistake, yet explosive, allowing the moves to be performed with dynamic power and character that make them really stand out.

The 2009 star has always been perfect for learning moves as it is exceptionally well balanced from end to end. The 2010 star however is quite different it ‘s shorter design makes it less balanced end to end , cartwheeling is a little harder and requires an adaptive technique, but it is faster on a wave and goes absolutely huge on air moves in holes.

This boat just fly’s!

The 2010 range comes in two different specs. The cross link boat is made of stronger, lighter plastic and comes with the sweet cheek and happy feet system. The linear boat is slightly heavier as it comes with a fixed hull stiffener seat, foam footrests and a foam seat pad.

Thanks to Aaron and square rock for sorting me out with the new boats.