Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 24 - 'He Did What?!?!'

Replace the faces with Rob, Scout and JB and you have the night in Vegas (minus the baby!)
If you have ever seen the film 'the Hangover' the storyline vaguely reflects the night Scout, JB and Rob had in Vegas. Biting animals, late night and far too much booze. Only main difference was BJ and Scout remembered it all. So we wake early to hear all about last nights adventures then it's time to say goodbye to Scout and thus begins the steady departure of the team. We spend the rest of the day relaxing, cleaning clothes and shopping before heading back into town. Tonight's adventures start in Venice as we at at an awesome Italian restaurant next to the waterways with Gondola's floating past. We enjoy an ice cream as the sunsets on the 2nd floor re-creation of Venice in the Venetian casino hotel. Then we head into the theatre to watch what I can only describe as the craziest, maddest most amazing production ever 'The Blue Man Group'. I  can't really describe what happened during the 1hr50min show all I can say is go see it, it's insane!