Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 18 - Its Hot!!!

Up early again! A very steady start. Chucks feeling loads better but did not get much sleep due to the scorpion bite. It's quite impressive that she's up and about though as its been less than 12 hours. The plan is too have a relaxing day so we all sit and chill and enjoy the opportunity to rest. We play in the hole and begin to bake in the heat. It's absolutely boiling. 
Base camp
After a few hours most of the other groups turn up. There's a massive picnic across the campsite with everyone trying to hide under umbrellas and tarps to get out of the heat. After lunch me and Chuck go for a little tandem paddle to cool down. Rob dares JB to chuck us in so before we know it we are flipped off the boat and into the Arsenic eddy. We try to sneak revenge but JB quickly slam dunks us into the sand! 
We quickly dry - its crazily hot - way hotter than any other day yet.

Chuck survived the night
Eventually around 3.30pm we finally pack up camp. We really needed the break, and set off on our way again. Antoine serenades Anne with song for the 10 mile trip, rapids and all. We pass Toms crew and the dance group and eventually stop to set up camp at the bottom of Diamond Peak, 2 miles above Diamond Creek. Tonight is Chucks last night so we all stay up and the boys drink. After several comedy vodka antics it's time to hit the sack.

Diamond Peak in the distance behind this small peak
Especially as 1/2 the group is planning on a 3am start to climb up to see the sunrise from the peak.