Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 25 - 'ER'

Today we loose the Frenchies so we are up early to help them pack up and say goodbye. It's brilliant to think that 3 weeks ago we had not met and now we are great friends who have shared many memorable experience and whom we will never forget. 
Antonie waiting for the ride home
By 7am we are back in bed trying to salvage an extra few hours sleep. But not for long Andy's suddenly feeling really I'll. By 8.30am he's in ER at the nearby Desert Springs hospital in agony from a kidney stone. Luckily we get him help early and within 6hours we are out and he's feeling a lot better. What a rough way to spend one of his last days in the USA. The original plan was to rent a Harley Davidson and drive into California but the day ends up a recovery day / shopping day for Rob, JB and Ted. 
Fun Times in Vegas!!!
Luckily we all muster up the energy to head back to the strip for our last night in town. We watch the water shows for the last time. Place our final bets on the Rollette table this time on the correct No (36) but still not winning anything. Take one last trip up the Stratosphere tower and say goodbye to the Nevada mountains and desert and craziness that is Las Vegas.
Loving the Bellagio Water Displays
I never thought that I would miss Las Vegas but I think I will. It symbolizes the start and end of an incredible adventure with great friends old and new that I will never forget. It is also the home of the Bellagio water display which I found fascinating to watch. Will I return to Las Vegas? Probably not, but if I do it is my ambition to paddle and do a freestyle / squirt boat display choreographed to fit with the water music display. I did ask this time but we couldn't really fit it in... and they said No!!!