Saturday, June 16, 2012

European Championships 2012 training in Lienz

After a long journey we make it to Lienz

Its strange coming back to the same venue for another major event as we usually move on from place to place but this year we are back in Lienz, Austria for the European Championships on the same feature as the 2010 European Championship event. In 2010 one of the biggest memory’s of this event was the rain! It didn't stop for a whole week so its no surprise that as we draw close the heavens open and the torrential rain begins!!! 3 days in and it finally stops and the sun comes out allowing us to take in the natural beauty of the mountainous alpine town.

Claire O' and the Mountains in the sun

The feature itself is exceptionally tricky, super powerful and fast. It takes every once of energy from you and tests your freestyle skills to the max. The fact that it is so difficult is a challenge in itself. Its a feature you have to learn to use and that you have to earn every single move and point on. Its great, I love it! Its addictive yet at times unbelievably frustrating. I'm glad we've got 2 weeks to figure it out before the event and i'm glad its finally sunny :o)

 Claire and Pringle training for another big comp

James Weight sets up for a big move
Pringle ripping it up in training

Claire O loads up for a Mcnasty

Brandon throws a massive space
Claire O flys in training 

24th - 30th June 2012
European Freestyle Kayaking Championships
Lienz, Austria

Bren's ready for action