Monday, July 09, 2012

Heats Day 2

Next up its time for the K1 Men, Junior Women and Squirt Women. Kim and Jen start the day with some great rides making it through to the finals. Jen throws a sweet loop placing her in 3rd place not far behind Junior Superstar Nuria from Spain who is well in the lead in first after some very impressive paddling. In the mens its no surprise as the boys fly. With a cut from 45 to 20 its a big cut but Pringle, James Weight, Alan and Andrew Brinkley all cruise through. Gav's injured but still manages to compete and put together a very respectable run.

Pring shows everyone how its done
Before I know its my time to paddle again. I've put together a run in my head but haven't practised it yet so i'm super keen to go. I'm also keen to see how many girls are in squirt boats, i'm hoping quite a few. The event stars and theres 3 of us in squirt boats out of the 10 starters :o( Everyone else is doing a combination of flat water and normal freestyle... oh well!!! This means only one thing... I have to challenge my score against the guys :o)

Claire O checks the depth in the eddy at the start of her run
I drop down and test out the little eddy at the start of the squirt arena. Its got a couple of small mystery squeezes and is almost deep enough to go vertical, so off I go. Its an interesting ride, very different to my normal routines... Pt, Mystery, Exit, Hw, Lw, Felix, OAB, punch through the freestyle hole, OAB, Screwing around!! Both rides go really well as I begin to figure out the arena. Results are in and i'm in first :o) over double the score of the highest mens result so far and 1,260 points clear of the 2nd place girl... sweet! Unfortunately the other two girls in squirt boats didn't quite make it through so its going to be a mostly plastic squirt final!!!