Monday, July 09, 2012

Semi Finals Day – Mixed results!!!

Todays the semi finals and I'm excited. Semi finals are loads more fun than the heats as its only 1 ride that counts out of 2 so theres a margin for error which helps keep me relaxed. I warm up and get ready for my runs. I know exactly what I need to do, one loop and one felix and i'm through anything else will be a bonus but is not required at this stage in the comp. I have two rides and only have to make sure I do both my base moves in one. Everything’s set i'm feeling ready. Its my go . My first ride goes ok. I get a big air loop to start and go for my felix. I then try a mcnasty and phoneix but just miss them both. I drop off and Den's super happy with the run. I'm not sure the felix completed so don't think i've done enough yet to get through. 

Claire O setting up for the loop
2nd run, I have a plan, I'm calm and composed. I drop in, nail a perfect air loop and then flush. I can;t remember much of the next 35 seconds except that I spent most of it paddling back up the eddy and I threw no more moves!!! As soon as the buzzer goes I know its over, i'm out!!! I've missed the cut for finals for the first time in years and in the event that I really wanted to get through in. I'm gutted. 

The pictures say it all... too much time in the eddy!
Everyones thinking i'll be ok but I already know its over... No moves = No points! Results are in and i'm in 7th my freestyle kayaking European championships journey has ended.  

Caught on camera I am asked to explain what went wrong!
7th seems to be the GB teams preferred place of the day! Adam, Brandon and Alan all join me in 7th place, all missing out on our respective finals, gutting! Luckily though most of the others make it through.
Brandon going big but just missing out on the final cut
I don't have long to dwell on my shocking freestyle result as straight up next is my squirt finals. Den helps me regain focus and then once again its time to go. My first run goes perfectly 960 points, i've already won. With two runs left Den sets me the challenge of breaking 1,000 points. I step it up in the 2nd ride 970 points and again in the 3rd ride, 1,070 points. I win the gold but more importantly I throw down some impressive and inspiring squirt boating routines and score my first 1,000 point+ ride :o)

Loving my new squirt boating routine 
Next up its the OC1 final to finish the day. Paul King throws some awesome rides showing a whole mix of moves winning his first ever International medal, a well deserved Bronze. World Champion Phillip Hitzigarth (GER) takes the Gold. However it Josh that steels the show with an awesome loop to swim, to self rescue, to run up the eddy to jump back in, to loop to swim in his final ride. He finishes in 5th but with the most memorable run of the day.

Paul King tears it up in OC1