Saturday, October 27, 2012

Green River Narrows

Bren Orton fires up Gorilla at 200%
So after 3 weeks of intense competition it was time to head out to the rivers for some pure paddling fun. First stop was the Green River Narrows a class 5 creek in North Carolina, not far from the NOC. Famous for its incredible whitewater, a huge crowd of us set off for a day of fun. It was super impressive watching the young ones fire up rapid after rapid.

Claire O happily walking the big 3
I'm still having a bit of a head game out on the creeks, especially after the loss of another friend on a river, so I opt to walk the biggest rapids. But it was still super fun to be deep in the beautiful gorge experiencing this incredible run. Thank you to Hunt and Adrienne for showing me the lines and to Hobbie, Mario and Islay for helping me keep my focus.