Saturday, August 25, 2012

Final few days... new boat arrives at the Ottawa!

Check out the funky new boat
(Designed by Rob Crow)

The week with the Keeners quickly came to an end and it was time to head out and play again. Staying on the river bank and Tylers amazing home meant we were perfectly situated to jump straight on for a McCoys session or take the short drive to play at Garb. Tyler has been away with Lane and Max at a Canadian team trials but arrived back Saturday to join us on the water. Tyler was super stoaked as he had not only made the national team for this years World cups but also next years World Championships.

Exciting times... Xmas has come early

Incredible art work by Murky Water

The weekend consisted of some sweet Garb surfing sessions, a couple of pushbutton hole boating sessions, a great swollen members festival at Wilderness Tours, some awesome meals especially Anna's birthday crepe dinner and the arrival of my very shinny, very glittery and very small new squirt boat!

Perfect float

Loving my new toy

After a cheeky flat water float and outfit session my new slip was ready to hit the whirly suff and I finished my Canada trip with an amazing sole sinking session at smoothie with some great friends, during an amazing sunset and with a sweet double rainbow overhead.

I'm going to miss this place