Monday, November 24, 2014

Life in Australia... Trails closed due to extreme heat!

Just over 3 weeks ago I packed up once more and jumped back on a plane once more. After a fun few weeks, coaching for Leeds Beckett University, seeing all my family and friends and studying and qualifying in sports massage, it was time to head away from the UK's winter climate and back down under to the sunshine once more.

Arriving to sunshine and blue skies

Living with Jez at the Sydney Olympic Park the weeks have just flown by. I've been paddling loads at the Penrith white water course and training loads in Newington and at the Olympic park. My prioritise this winter (Aussie summer) is to get as fit as possible ready for next years season. Luckily Abel and the team at have sponsored me again so I will be training 5-6 times a week with them in the Dojo, gym or at the park. 

BCU Athlete Recognition Awards night with Den and Lisa

Not only that I have just confirmed an incredible worlds training plan with Den (Sweetwater Coaching). He will be heading over here in January for a month before we head to Uganda in March, the USA in June and then Canada in August to train. All this plus he will be there with me once more at the ICF Freestyle World Championships from the 30th August until the 5th September 2015.

I have such an incredible support team. It really does make the difference. My friends, (coaches, trainers, sponsors and competitors) who help me, allow me to stay out on the road and train at the best destinations, almost full time. 
The last two weeks in Australia it was a great challenge getting back into fitness and full on training and I was just beginning to see and feel the difference and settle into a routine. Then a very special person arrived in town.

Mum at Palm Beach

For the next week or two life will be very different, as I am super lucky to have my awesome mum in town. My life in the gym and at the river has temporarily been swapped to one I am much less familiar with. A life of cafés, restaurants, beaches, ballets, mountains, tours and zoos. So far in just 1 week our adventures have taken us to all the main sites in Sydney as well as to the very centre of Australia. 

Sydney Harbour

Sydney the view from the Zoo

We have watched the ballet at the Opera house, walked the harbour bridge, dinned at nice cafés and restaurants at the Rocks and Circular Quay. We have been on several ferry rides along the harbour and adventures to Manly beach, the Olympic park and Touranga zoo.





We have driven to the coast to watch Jez paraglide and check out the Summers Bay set and beaches from the sitcom Home and Away. 

Jez heading out with his new wings

Summers Bay Surreal! I grew up watching this place

We have hiked and swum in the Blue Mountains, Ayres Rock, Kings Canyon and Alice Springs. We have driven through and flown over the Red Center. Watched epic sunrises, sunsets, bright start skies and thunder storms. We have experienced the real Australia. Surviving several days of insane heat (42 degree C plus), finding the Southern Cross whilst sleeping the night in a swag out under the stars and we've had multiple BBQs. We even ate kangeroo steaks and camel burgers!! As well as lots and lots of other amazing food.


The Olgas

Camel Rides

Kings Canyon

The Amazing Red Centre

It has been a none stop week and there's still another one to go.

Having an amazing time with Mum at Uluru

It's been interesting experiencing living a life the last week that is very different from my norm. A lot of the last few months, including this last week, has been based around catching up and spending quality time with friends and family. Something that I feel is really important especially when I spend as much time as I do on the road. It has been very different and at times a challenge but it has really opened my eyes up to how important it is to have a break from training sometimes and enjoy / see life in a different way. 

Spending quality time with my Dad and Olivia before I left in the UK

Sailing on Ullswater

Mums here for 1 more week.  Then life will be back to normal. The awesome fun routine that is life on the mat and on the water training again, Aussie style. 
Till then I am preparing myself for several more hectic days of different adventures with Jez and my mum before she flys home..