Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 2 & 3 : Freestyle Prelims

The Freestyle event kicks off

So that was just day one of the world champs, the freestyle had yet to begin and we were already winning. No matter what happened the rest of the week. To me, Jez and my family and friends this had already been an incredible event.

Luckily and rarely with the squirt boating a stand alone one day event it meant I now had two full days off. Perfect as I was exhausted from the excitement and madness of yesterday. So I had the chance to enjoy watching and coaching the other athletes and my friends.

Jez's OC1 Heats

Up first in the freestyle was Jez in the OC1. After being so sick only 2 weeks ago it was amazing just to see him out on the water and ready to compete. He had trained hard during the week and had his routine set. Excited and ready to go paddle the event kicked off and Jez nailed his rides super sweet.

Jez drop in of MDR
(photo by Phillip Robert)

Looking for a roundhouse to start things off
(photo by Phillip Robert)
But... something had happened in the last year … the standard of OC1 wave boating had gone through the roof! Like the squirt boating event runs that would have previously won or made the podium, this year, didn't even let you make the first cut. The lads were throwing Pan Ams, Back Pan Ams, Mc Nasty s and Helix's. It was ridiculous. Two rides down (4 rides: 2 count format) we had to change strategy and try to go for something big. Jez tried several times to set for a Pan Am and Mcnasty but having never tried either of them before in an OC1 couldn't quite pull it off. But with some new personal best scores for a wave worlds event (although a little disappointed to be the bubble boy and just miss the cut) he was happy to place 6th in such a strong event.

Andrew (Canada) going for a pan pan am
(photo by Phillip Robert)

Brad (USA) going for an over vertical Pan Am
(photo by Philip Robert)
The Brits

The junior mens and junior women classes were up next and the young Team GB athletes did incredibly well with everyone making it through the first cut. With Hugo Scott sat in first place.

Hugo Scott flying into finals in 1st place
(photo by Dave Wortley)

Charlie Brackpool hitting some massive moves
(photo by Dave Wortley)

A full day of mens prelims then passed and I watched incredible ride after incredible ride as all the worlds top men battled for a top 20 spot. It was hard to stay calm and relax with all the excitement and with the standard again so crazy high it was difficult for all the men to make the cut.

Theres a big team behind every athlete at these events
(photo by Dave Wortley)

Massive thanks to Dennis Newton and Jacko Jackson, Sutty Sutcliffe,
Bruce and everyone else who worked so hard all week
to get us to our best for the event
(photo by Dave Wortley)

Team GB's Bren Orton and Alan Ward did amazingly well to make it through. With Bren in second place!!! Pringle, Dougie and Gav Barker also putting down some amazing rides with Gav being the bubble boy fo the day just missing the quarters cut.

Gav may not have made the cut but he did massively
 impress everyone with his huge rides.
(photo by Dave Wortley)

I was now getting very exited and was feeling ready to get back out on the water again.

Huge huge thank you to everyone who took photos
throughout the event.
Especially Dave Wortley, Jez Jezz and Peter Holcombe
(photo by Phillip Robert)