Monday, May 23, 2016

European Championships - Official Training Begins

The competitions getting closer
Pretty awesome two weeks training out here in Plattling. Today official training kicked off which means the European Championships are just a matter of days away. 100 competitors from across Europe are now taking it in turns to get some quality last minute training on the wave. 

Everyone watches on as paddlers train

The levels have been all over the place the last two weeks but now seem to be settling at an awesome high water level. However a lot of rain is forecast tomorrow followed by several dry days of scorching sun so no one knows yet what the competition level will be but we do know the weather will be great. 

Hitting huge loops

Setting up for a Phoenixs

Loading up a McNasty

The Finnish Team in action

Cleaning up a huge loop

Its so much fun going big when the waters high
At this level though all tricks go. You can loop without thinking as it's super deep. The pile is sticky and big enough to keep you in as you land most tricks and the feature is steep enough to ramp up into big Mcnastys, throw tricks and lunars as well as crazy combos. The hardest trick has to be the Phoenix monkey as the hole is pretty uniformed meaning you need to create all your own rotational movement. It's not easy though all tricks take loads of explosive power and energy do if your tired or slightly off tempo the feature will win. Everything works though you just have to get them right. 

Dens Huge Air Loop

Den throws a huge space

This morning team GB had the first slot, tomorrow we're on just after lunch. So now paddling done, we're gonna stretch, chill, get some video feedback with the GB coaches Den and Bruce then this afternoon were all heading to the swimming pool before our official team dinner, pizza, tonight. Life at a major international event has officially kicked off. 

Flying into a Space Godzilla
So awesome to be back in the eddy with the Dr Islay Crosbie

Chilling, eating and watching the action

In a matter of days these stands will be stacked

We have also heard news that the event will be live streamed so you can follow the action live online. Here is the link. 

Thank you Tom Zach and Dennis Newton for the photos