Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Perfect Day

White sand, bare feet, blue skies, crashing surf, sunshine, white shirts, white shorts, a white wedding dress, white helicopters and my best friend Jez. That was the ingredients for the best day of my life that happen just one week ago.

In an absolutely whirlwind of a week we came up with the idea of running away and eloping to the pristine white sandy beaches of Whitehaven. Then with the blessing of our families, in literally just a matter of hours and days we had not only researched it and booked it but we we're on our way to living out our ultimate dream.

Yes, on Wednesday we had this crazy idea and then a week later, last Wednesday that dream became reality. The dream came true.

In an absolutely story tale of a week we spent four days, three nights in Paradise at the One and Only Hayman resort in the Whit Sunday's. Before jumping into a private helicopter and flying out to a deserted beach on a completely natural, tropical island in the middle of the ocean.  Where we were joined by our very close friends; our celebrant Matt Taylor and our photographers Jared and Sarah Mildenhall.

As the sun shone, the waves crashed and the sand squeaked and glistened between our toes. Together in paradise we said our vows to each other and started our married life and next adventure and journey in life together.

And with our journey together just beginning the excitement and adventures didn't stop there. As we flew back to the Hayman Islands and spent hours exploring the islands, taking photos, jumping in and out of the ocean and the pools, playing one sport after the next, capturing and cherishing every moment on the island, on the beaches, in the sun. Then as the sunset over the islands and the sea, we ate an incredible meal in the infinity pool restaurant before settling into a beach lounger to watch the stars, listen to the waves crash and the flutter of the palm trees in the wind. As the full moon appeared above us finishing the perfect day in the perfect way.  The day I married my best friend Jez.

Thank you so much for Matt Taylor, Jared & Sarah Mildenhall for dropping everything to come and be our Celebrant and Photographers.


Check out the amazing full collection of photos by Instill Photography via the link below.