Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Training in Full Swing

So with our Platting training camp over it was time to jump back on a plane and head back down under. This time as an Australian resident. 

Arriving home to an amazing sunrise sponsored by jetlag
Starting my first day as an Aussie resident

Checking out the locals
Yes that's right whilst watching the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, last month with Jez, we go the fantastic news that my Aussie visa had been granted and issued. Making me officially an Aussie resident. A process that had taken over 14 months it now means that I can work, play and live officially in OZ with Jez.

Just chilling after a run along our local beach

So I jumped back on a plane and switched training mode from full power on the water training back to a lot of off the water fitness sessions interspersed with some on the water sessions at Penrith. The weather of course was gorgeous and it was great to be back in shorts and Teva sandles again. 

Typical day in Oz

Beautiful beach for a run and swim

Hidden bays along the Manly to Spit bridge walk
Loving the catwalks through the rainforest

The Manly Spit

Catching the ferry home

With only 3 weeks at home as soon as I arrived I got in touch with Abel at 6degreesfit who gave me a pretty intense training plan to fit the requirements set out by Den (Sweet Water Coaching). 

Pretty awesome but full on training plan

On the water everything was focused on the style of paddling needed for Plattling. This meant some hilarious freestyle sessions, kicking out of loops way too early, trying to get my hands out of the water on phoenixs and mcnastys and even trying some of the most random moves in totally the wrong places on the features just to get the practice in. All in a new boat. Training in Plattling we realized that if levels were low I would be better in plastic than carbon and with the new generation of rock stars being a little smaller than the last I was now way too big for the 2016 Rock Star small so it was time to size up to the medium. So my 3 weeks at home were spent trying to work out the angles, timing and power needed to throw around the bigger boat. All the time whilst getting the most air, I have in years, automatically on almost every trick!

The kids wait for their ride in Skippys hole

With Jez still broken we intermixed bike rides and long walks and runs around Sydney's amazing city, harbor and along the beaches to help with the cardio component. 

Cycling along the loop
Epic sunsets

Home sweet home
More bike rides

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Opera House

Sydney street art
Off the water I had to get fit. I needed more explosive power and rotational power movements and the extra strength for the bigger boat. With my back a little shot from the flights, old age 😉 and the intense Plattling training camp, I had to go back to basics first before quickly building it up. With a mix of osteopathy and sports massage and a schedule of almost hourly conditioning exercises combined with daily gym sessions I could quickly feel my self strengthening and getting back into prime shape again.
Osteo conditioning programme part 1
So in just three weeks with the help of Abel and the team at 6 degrees fit, training was fully on track.