Wednesday, June 01, 2016

8 years on I did it - I won

8 years on and I've done it. I finally completed my collection with my first ever European Freestyle Kayak Championship Gold win. Struggling. To figure out where to start or how to summarise this event I started jotting down words and that's how this wrap up came about
2016 European Championships, Plattling Germany 

Womens K1 Podium
(Thanks to Christian for the photo)
Water levels changing, Stinking hot Raining, cold, sunny, hot The opening ceremony Speeches, crowds, cheers, beers, kids, dogs Dogem cars, music, Loud, beer, beer, beer

2016 GB Freestyle Kayak Team
Morning comes, rivers high Boys on first, Old ones do well and make the cut Young ones smiling, laughing, fun Women next, nervous Ready, hot Thumbs up, calm, Drifting, flip, ramp, edge, pull, kick Flush sprint, buzzer, stop Thumbs up again, breathe, breathe Tight chest, breathe, go again Junior men, junior women, C1, blurr
Chatting to the GB junior girls between rides
Sleep 1st place. Levels online; check Semis, football Germany, Ireland, Sweden Rivers high, but lower, but high Hole looks good Start below Den. Wave. Den. Wave. Den Thumbs up Ramp, edge, pull, kick Ramp, edge, pull, kick Plug, wait, jump, kick Plug, wait, grab, kick 3,2,1 buzz. Done

Concentration following an intense ride
Smile, breathe, Den thumbs up. Made it through, 1st place. Nicky and Islay through too. Marlene out. Upset

The semi final results are in
Squirt boating, easy, clear, boats sorted, heats set Crowds, music, beer, cheers Run through moves, grab boat and kit Tiny, tiny, ouch, in, cramp, Slide onto water, judges ready, Find sweet spot, smile Relax, breathe, go Feels awesome, flying, linking, tricky switch, tricky switch, wu tricky, split split, non stop No paddles, spin spin, balance, pivot, wait, smash, Balance, pivot, wait, smash Feeling free, flying, sinking, Smiling all done

Girls tricks Boys tricks New faces, all squirt boats. unofficial, fun
Judging, cheering, waving, smiling All having fun, crowds, cheer Beer, beer, tent, marque, cheers, done. Won

Squirt Boating final results
Bed, awake. Later, awake, dreaming, not sleeping, awake, awake Morning, girls, Sophie, Ottie, Emma on Talented, young, working hard, training hard, determined, competitive, paddling great Solid rides, big smiles, big tricks. Proud Junior men, crazy talented frenchie, Huge smile, huge tricks European champ Young Tom C1, rafting, King of the wave 

King of the Wave
(photo credit : Nuria Fontane Maso)
Relaxing, packing, live streaming 1pm time to go Tight back, quick massage fix Quick warm up, hearts pumping Not relaxed Feeling strong, feeling alive, feeling ready, feeling sick
Quick warm up

Thumbs up, dens smile, Drop down, ready go Control breathing, control breathing Hit, Flip, kick Ramp, edge, pull, kick Ramp, edge, pull, kick perfect Cut, plug, smash... HIT Levels low, levels low, rock! Hit Flush, 6,5,4,3,2,1, buzz 5th place not enough (Heard it wrong actually not 5th) Fired up Ready Thumbs up go again Everything working Not everything but enough Finish, celebrate, good ride, fun, done Nicky, Nina, Islay, Anna All competitive, all talented, all throwing tricks. All challenging. All give 100% Watching, counting, cheering Islay 5th, Nicky 4th, Nina 3rd, Anna 2nd I won! 8 years on... I won

The final piece in the puzzle
European Gold GB Team automatic selection for 2016 Rio. Tick. Done Huge smile 1 ride left No pressure, just fun New tricks, next step Lunar, Tricky, Back loop - McNasty The future. The challenge The adventure goes on 

Men's, crazy, big rides Flushes, pauses, break the pack Medals Quim has won
Celebrations, flags, medals, cameras, anthems, flowers, kisses, books Thanks

National Anthem Podium moment
(Photo by Christof Hausler)
Hugs, waves, cheers, good byes, quiet, calm, relaxed Food, food, food, food Sleep Morning, kayaking, friends, sun, surfing Tricky wus, lunars, back loops, Mcnastys, wu trickys The fun goes on

A well deserved Bavrian Beer for Tim, Bruce and of course Den :)
Thank you to all my family, friends, sponsors and the organisers, officials, volunteers and everyone involved in this event. Congrats to everyone who took part and challenged themselves by taking part in this years European Championships. 'It's not the winning its the taking part.' For me this year on this occasion it was the winning. Everything about the last few months was about the winning at this event. Den, Jez ... 'We did it!' Mission accomplished. 8 years on!

Check out my final ride cheeky combo here ….