Saturday, July 01, 2017

Snow Bank Adventures

As week two wraps up at the 2017 Kelly's Academy its time for some fun adventures to begin. After looking up each day at the stunning snow capped mountains its no surprise our first adventure is to load up the truck with kayaks, stand ups and sledges and head up the mountain trails in search of snow.

Half way up we stop and hike into the Blue Lake. This stunning lake situated half way up the mountain is well worth the drive / walk. There is so much snow still up here it is crazy to think that it is the middle of the summer!!! After a hike along the snow covered trail we arrive at the lake and resist the urge to jump in. We then drive to the top of the trail and are treated to 360 degree mountain, forest, desert and valley views. We stop for a quick lunch on the top and check to see how high we are. At 8,300 feet we are on one of the highest peaks around. The skies so clear we can see other large Idaho snow capped mountains in the distance. It really is beautiful.

The view from the road

Chuck and Linda join me for the adventure

Hiking down the valley
Snow bridges across the streams


Just stunning