Sunday, April 09, 2017

The arrival of Den

As we cleaned up the mess from the renovations our next adventure began as the awesome Mr Dennis Newton landed at Sydney Airport.

Den was here to join me on a months adventure in New Zealand. The original plan was to have a big water and big wave training expedition to get ready for the 2017 White Water Grand Prix event in Quebec but unfortunately the Grand Prix was cancelled so it meant we had 4 weeks to pretty much do what we like and go on a road trip.

The first two weeks were pretty set as we were meeting up with Anna Bruno, Gordy and Mary Rayner and a whole heap of awesome coaches and kids to run the Hawea Academy Kayaking kids camp and then to help host a freestyle event at the Tekapo White Water Course. But after that we were free to play which was exciting and also strange to have Den and me together some where awesome with no set plan and nothing specific to work towards.