Saturday, December 30, 2017

San Juan, Argentina- Opening Ceremony

2017 ICF World Championships

The 2017 ICF World Championships opening ceremony kicked off the whole event in style. Straight after the last official team training finished the hole was closed to all competitors and the whole World Championships community headed into the city. There they were joined by a huge crowd as the San Juan community came together in the middle of the city center to put on a fantastic opening ceremony welcoming the athletes and visitors from around the world and kick starting the event. Starting off with an athlete parade and then an officially introduction of each country as the athletes made there way into the arena and took their seats it was very professionally done. Led by local youngsters carrying each countries flag and country name. All the athletes looked prepared and ready in their official uniforms.

Team Canada

Team GB 2017
Team Japan
Team Uganda
Enjoying the Opening Ceremony
Den coach and athlete at this years event
Jez and Josh team Australia
The Aussie's watch on as the ceremony begins

The athletes were then welcomed by local dignitaries and officials to San Juan and before watching an impressive TV production promotion video on the big screens around the venue about the build up to the competition and the forthcoming event. Then as the ICF officially declared the event open everyone celebrated as we were treated to an impressive display of Tango Dancers followed by local Cheerleaders launching not only each other but also a number of the kayakers up into the air amongst the crowd.

The major welcomes everyone

What a way to start the event
Fireworks light up the sky

The music blared and the city began to party as a massive fireworks display took place over head. Then as the party continued the athletes and officials were invited to a VIP area where they were treated to food and drinks.

Tom Dolle shows he has some moves off the water too
Dane battles against young Tom
Bennett flips into the mix

Lewy represents Australia
Lotty team NZ
Christina and Denise team Austria

The Pro's show how it should be done

With the action kicking off for me and Jez the next morning at 9am and it already being almost 11pm we skipped the food and party. Jumped back in the car and headed home to grab some well needed rest before the massive first day ahead.

Lowri rocks out the after party in her funky shoes
Team Argentina have the whole city behind them