Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Thank you


So before we get into the excitement of the actual event I want to say an absolutely massive thank you to everyone who has helped me get to be in the position to compete at this event. I am incredibly lucky to have a phenomenal support team of family, friends, specialists and sponsors around the world who help make it possible to be here and I would like to do a big shout out to some of them.

Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to my family and friends for supporting and encouraging me on my journey for all these years. Thank you.

Maurico, Facundo, Vanessa and the huge team of volunteers who put in so much work to make the La Ola Argentina San Juan Freestyle World Championships happen. Including the San Juan community and government. Thank you.

ICF Freestyle Committee for putting in hours and hours of work to make this World Championships happen: Jez, Terry, Tony, Ned and Lluis.

The ICF judges, scribes and volunteers. Terry, Sneaky Pete, Josh, Shep, Berengere, Alex, Daniel, Trevor, Tatsuya for giving up your time to ensure that we have a fair and world class competition.

The Wave Monkey team, Hojo, Mandy and Matt for creating a system that can cope with and cater for such epic rides.

Peter Holcolmbe, Tim, Tino and Lorenzo from Corner Wave, Ross and Tony from the ICF and all the rest of the media team who captured all the action, shared and showcased it to everyone around the world. Allowing us to share and celebrated this journey again and again and reach a bigger audience than ever before.

To Jez and his team of athletes; Steve O, Anna, Ibbo, Clay, Quim, Bartosh, Sam, Sage, Lowri, Nick and everyone else who volunteered their time to be part of the announcing team. Helping ensure the event sounded great not only live at the venue but also on the Olympic Channel where it was streamed to the world audience.

All my sponsors Jackson Kayak, Kelly's White Water Park,  Sweet Water Coaching, Peak UK, Mitchell Blades, Alp kit, Astral, Maui Jim, G-Form, Gerber, Arete Watches, VW Van Centre West Yorkshire, Hunt Club Volkswagen, 6 Degrees Fit, Square 1 Fitness and Tribe Fitness for sponsoring and supporting me in so many ways to get me here and in prime fitness with all the year I need for these events.

Massive thanks also to Will, Chris and Jan for keeping me fed during training and competition week and for Jessie for taking me in, feeding me and letting me stay with you for several nights in the lead up to the event.

Thanks to Lewwy, Sage, Mark, Thomas, Steve O, Will, Gui Gui and everyone who helped me repair boats between runs.

Thanks also to the British Freestyle Committee and the dedicated team of volunteers who put in so much time to support us through each year. Especially Dennis, Jacko, Bruce, Terry, Tim who all gave up their time to be there for us at the event.

Then my support crew on the ground Islay, Gav, Rob, SteveO, Anna, Clay, Lewy, Eileen, Mark Richard, Josh, all the Aussies and the Rayners thank you for keeping me on motivated and on track, happy and grounded.

Mum and Dad I know you would have loved to have been here with me but knowing you were supporting me from home every second of the way and having you on the phone when ever I needed you meant the world to me. You have both supported, encouraged and believed in me more than anyone else. Thank you

Dennis Newton, Sweet water Coaching- I can not ever say thank you enough for how much you have given to get me to where I am. Your belief in me and commitment to helping me reach this level is beyond words. Thank you.

And of course Jez. Thank you for always being amazing for putting in so much energy and time into everything freestyle, kayaking, life. For working so hard at home up until the very last minute to support me and allow me to remain on the road living this dream and then to put in so much time at the Worlds from the moment you arrived to the second we left. Thank you x