Saturday, September 05, 2009

World Champion 2009

What a day

Today all the training and preperation came together as I won the World Freestyle Squirt Boating Championships in Thun, Switzerland.

It still has not sunk in.

In the heart of switzerland amid the mountains, lakes and blue skies I competed in the finals of the World Freestyle Kayaking Championships and won the Ladies Squirt Boating World Champion Title. AMAZING....

Over 3 years of hard training came together today as I performed my final 3 runs. Depsite the early start the supporters came out and lined the banks and cheered on all the squirt boaters this morning as we competed in the world finals. Putting together the routine that I had been perfecting over the last few months seemed to go remarkably well. The flat water conditions were good and the mystery spot tricky which helped as I put my all into the competition knowing that this was my last chance and it worked. Everything came together as planned as I scored consistently strong rides.

All the hard work payingoff as I achieved my goal and dream becoming the 2009 World Champion in my sport.

Congratulations to my team mate Emma Runsimmon who paddled extremly well and won the Silver.

In the mens three brits made the finals with Chris and Pete finishing in 4th and 5th and James Reeves winning the Gold.