Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Day 11 - Team C Rafting

Still shattered from the long day yesterday it's a steady start today. It's still windy but no where near as much or as cold as yesterday. Me and Chuck take the oars of one of the rafts for the day. And what a day. Singing, chatting, crashing, laughing - great fun. One of the highlights has to be the massive wave train n the grade 6 in the middle of the afternoon 'it was HUGE!' I also paddled my first grade 7 (8) and stood up all the way down my first rapid with chuck at the helm. On top of the awesome rapids we also explored Shimano Creek and Elves Chasm two funky creeks with great, beautiful, picturesque waterfalls to explore and jump in and out of. Thanks to the rain last night Shimano was flowing quite hard and reminded me of a mini gorge scramble and Elves Chasm (when we finally found it - we also explored a few other chasms) was just beautiful and had a great jump into a deep (ish) pool. A bit of a mix up of camp spots sees us reach the beach at 6pm. So it's a quick cook up of burgers and s'mores and then once again (9pm) bed!

Entering Shimano Creek
 This place is amazing. An incredible opportunity to experience an insane place!