Saturday, October 27, 2012

Final few days... Sinking... Last Chance

Before I know it the boats done and i'm on a plane heading back to West Virginia with my new 'super low slip'. Its been raining hard here the last few days so the levels are up. Halls and a lot of the other squirt spots are washed out but the playboatings not. The New is at a super level so we blast down this big water run surfing every wave and hole. Loads of paddlers are still about so its a really fun run. We finish the days with 'Pies and Pints' aka Pizza and Whiskey!!! and several games of pool. Then its time to start packing up.
Clay and Claire check out the new float
Its takes an hour or so too raid Clays truck and find all the missing bits of gear from the last 6 weeks. Its crazy to think this trip is almost over. It feels like it has only just begun, especially after having just been back to Ed and Mariolas. Soon enough i'm packed and we head back to the river. We meet Steve O'Keefe and drive the long, bumpy, windy road down to 'last chance' and the 'perfect wave'. I can't wait any longer. Its time to take the squirt boat out. I squeeze into the boat, slide of the beach and sink! Its perfect :o) floating about 6 inches under it is really low but I lift my knees and the bow raises and the boat planes across the current. I cruise up the eddyline and mystery. The Slip is such an incrediable squirt boat and nows its tiny its insane. We session the seam for ages and then throw down some flatwater work. For the first time ever (with some help from Clay) I get a 'Snow Angel' (a flatwater 360 degree end over end rotation aka a completely non aerial loop). So much fun.

Sessioning flatwater moves (video coming soon)