Saturday, October 27, 2012


Clays clocking in some big rides @15ft deep!

Clays shoulders still injured so he skipped the Green creek run and went for a squirt boating mystery session on the lower green instead. 

Squirt Gathering at the Halls of Karma
Sinking quickly became the theme of the trip as our next stop was West Virginia, the home of squirt boating and the famous New and Gauley rivers.

Steve O'Keefe shows us how its done
The next 3 days were spent at the New River in West Virginia paddling the famous squirt boating park and sink spot called 'Halls of Karma'. Everyday during the midday sun all the local squirt boaters would descend on this quite little eddy line and enter into some 3 dimensional squirt boating fun. 

Sinking in the sun
Between sinking at the Halls of Karma and Dogma, swimming and sunbathing on the rocks it was the perfect recovery process after such an intense 3 weeks. Add to this hot tub sessions and great meals at the lovely Julie Sellars house and what a week :o)
Capturing some awesome underwater footage (video coming soon)