Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy New Year

The last few weeks have absolutely flown by and with all this sunshine and hot weather it's hard to believe we've already had Xmas and we are into a New Year.

Check it out… Sydney at night

As always things have been non stop and there's been a lot of adventures and activities going on. This Xmas was my first Xmas away from home. Jez made sure I didn't miss out and I got to experience my first Xmas in true Aussie style. With sunshine and blue skies outside we opened presents in front of the roaring aircon instead of a fire. Then we had a lovely family dinner, swapping the British Xmas tradition, of Turkey and all the trimmings, for some amazing fresh seafood and salad. Xmas Aussie style. The day finished with a quick Skype call and a catch up with everyone back home.

Prawns and Sunshine!?!?

Boxing Day and it was time to set about ending the year with as many fun adventures as possible. Over the next few days we went kayaking at Olympic white water park, paragliding, running and swimming along the awesome Sydney beaches, wake boarding with amazing friends on the Hawksbury and Nepean rivers and biking in the blue mountains. The year finishing, as all should, watching fireworks exploding in the sky.

Running along the beach with Jez flying over head

Secret swim spot in the Blue Mountains
BBQs on the balcony
Watching the Taylors tear it up on their skis

Fun times blasting the rapids at the course
Wakeboarding selfie on the Hawksbury river

This time though, watching 'The Fireworks! Of all fireworks! The Sydney fireworks, bringing in the year in style.
Fireworks over the Sydney Harbour bridge

My New Years resolution as always 'to give up chocolate' got broken the first day!!! But my New Years goal to live every day to the full and share awesome experiences with great friends in great places continues for another year. Starting in the blue mountains again with Rich. The year kicked off in the same way 2014 ended non stop action and fun.

Jumping in the Taylors awesome pool after a long bike ride / push
Big Yacht racing in the harbour with Jez and Den
Helping out the crew on this amazing yacht
Den working hard to keep us upright
Dens first ever trip to Sydney!
All in days work for the lads
Sharks call off play!
Which means only one thing… its time to get the bikes out!
Earning the downhill with some good old uphill at Manly Dam

Now 17 days in and I'm shattered. I'm sat recovering from an epic training session with Den. Looking through the pictures and video I can't believe how well we are all paddling and how lucky we all are. 

Healthy, safe and living the dream. This year already has been amazing and it looks like it will continue in a similar way. Den is here until mid February and we have an intense training programme planned. We'll be zipping over the pond to NZ for a week or so and spending the rest of the time here. Training at the Olympic park on Australia's own mini Garb and off the water at AnytimeFitness Newington and Zenbu Judo with the awesome 6degreesfit team. Then in March I'll be heading to Uganda with Den for the World of Champions ASP camp and eventually in the summer I'll be heading with him to the USA and then Canada and the 2015 Worlds. 

For now though it's time to review some airscrews and back pan ams and throw some homemade burgers on the barbie.

Claire testing out an off side airscrew
Den nailing a massive airscrew on mini Garb
Jez nailing a massive back Pan Am
Claire O loading up some big air
Stay safe, stay healthy, look after and spend as much quality time as possible with your friends and family and live everyday till the full in the best way you can.

Happy New Year 2015 from Claire and Jez