Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Opening Ceremony

Where it all began

The event kicked off almost two weeks ago with the opening ceremony in Beachburg. A celebration and festival that showcased not only freestyle and its athletes who had travelled in from all over the world but also the incredible history and culture of the local community who have opened up their town and valley to host the event.

The events comes to the small town of Beachburg, ON Canada
(photo by Lindsey Spicer)

The ceremony started with a parade and the streets were packed and lined with people. My mum somehow found her way into a 1952 MG one of the many old classic cars that led the parade from the front. Local kids, athletes, celebrities all showcasing their talents and skills. Cheered on by family, friends and spectators from all around the world.

Mum leads the parade in a 1952 MG
(photo by Arthur and Lori)

Jez getting into the party spirit with Team Australia

Parading through the streets with Sooty and Lindz

Den finds his way into the parade with the sheep
(photo by Lindsey Spicer)

Beautiful traditional boats
(photo by Lindsey Spicer)

Old fire trucks

and a combine haverster!!!
(photo by Lindsey Spicer)
The action then moved to the Beachburg sports arena where an array of music and dance, flags and colour opened the event. Young kids danced, sang and cheered whilst the older generations spoke welcoming kind words and opened the event.

Athletes fill the stands

All 29 countries and 200+ athletes had their limelight moment as they were welcomed into the event before a local / young athlete lit the torch and officially opened the event.

The event is official opened let the
2015 ICF World Championships begin
(photo by Thomas Fahrun)

Then everyone gathered for a massive roast dinner banquet, creating an opportunity for the community and athletes to meet.

Good Luck to everyone competing
Here is the 2015 awesome GB Team