Sunday, December 18, 2016

Back home to Australia for a short break

Fresh from the slopes it was finally time to head home. My first time in over 4 months. With the aussie winter just finishing and the sun beginning to break out it was nice to be in Sydney with the blue skies, but for it not to be stinking hot.

Stunning coastline at Little Bay

Sunset over the Harbour Bridge

Opera House at Night

I mixed up training in the gym (6 Degrees Fit) with the occasional paddling session and a lot of wake boarding the Cables Wake Park. Jez has man flu from NZ so I found myself on lots of solo adventures. I linked up with Clint at Cables for a few lessons and learnt loads, gaining confidence and new skills and tricks. Flying off the kickers and sliders, landing 180's and getting big air in just a few lessons. I'm now even more hooked, on yet another adventure water sport :)

Eating Clean

Training Hard

Eating good food, working out, catching up with good friends and getting a few good trips to the beach. It was a great mini home stop. But it was mini and within 3 weeks I was back at the airport and on my way again.