Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 12 - 'Whatever you do go right!'

So it's another early start as we push onto cover another 20 miles. The day starts off beautifully sunny but very quickly the sun is gone behind the clouds and the wind brings with it a very wintry chill. Within no time I am shivering and feeling very cold in my shorty so I jump onto Antoine's raft for a quick change. Feeling warmer I spend the morning blasting rapids and surfing waves. About 2pm we hit a grade 6. Quite literally! Robs boat pins on a small rock at the top of the run. James quickly paddles to help but finds himself very close to an upstream pin. Luckily James pulls Rob clear but unfortunately Rob is now offline as he heads towards a massive midstream undercut and siphoned boulder. The description in the book says 'go right at all costs!'. Robs well offline and can't bring it back. He heads left avoiding a potentially nasty pin and disappears of into the siphon channel closely followed by James and Ted. Somehow they all manage to make it through. Nerves a little shaken but all ok. 
Antonie Checking out Deer Creek Falls
Deer Creek Canyon looking back towards the Colorado River
Amazingly Scenic Canyon

Anne Exploring Deer Creek
By 3.30pm we reach our main destination 'Deer Creek' and spend two hours exploring this incredible creek / canyon hiking up to the natural spring before running back down taking in the incredible views of the canyon cut deep into the valley, waterfalls and views of the river, camps and canyons. All the camps at Deer Creek are full. We bump into Tom Martin (who wrote the grand canyon guidebook) and his team who are paddling Dory's and making a film about the earliest descents of the river. We push on further to the football field a massive (well by Grand Canyon campsite terms) open campsite on the outside of a bend. Confused at first by the high water line on the sand we later realise that this is in fact the site of a medi evac that morning. Luckily is was for someone with a pre existing medical condition who's meds weren't working and needed to get out.

Busy campsites at Deer Creek