Saturday, August 25, 2012

Opening Ceremony

The Olympic Stadium
By 6pm we were on the coach and on our way. We arrive at Olympic park and its insane. The stadium is massive and looks immense especially with the large red twisting sculpture stood aside it. There's volunteers everywhere, welcoming, directing and exciting everyone. The atmosphere is electric. We head through security and find our seats. We are in a prime position, so close we can see everyones expressions and really feel part of it. The MC comes on and the Pre show begins. The whole stadium is a big countryside set with people farming, playing cricket and tennis, relaxing and chatting. Theres sheep, cows, seats, clouds, farmhouses, kids. Its immense. 

Dinner in the countryside

20.12pm and the red arrows fly over the stadium signalling the start of the show. What follows is one of the most spectacular, heartfelt, sincere, mass participation performances I have ever seen. Thousands of volunteers , musicians, dancers and actors tell the story of the history of Great Britain. From the industrial revolution to the development of the World Wide Web. They celebrate all our national treasures from the Queen, James Bond, Mr Bean and JK Rowling to the NHS. There's theatre, comedy, incredible music, film, production, tributes to the war heros and those we have lost and so much more...There's lights, fireworks, fire, rain... The whole show is so impressive, so well thought out, so well choreographed (by Danny Boyle) and so well performed. 

Incredible performances bring the stadium to life

And then of course theres the athletes. From over 200 countries, I don't even remember how many athletes.... thousands!!! All wearing their official gear, all following their countries flag, all excited and ready for the competition ahead. 

Team GB arrive to huge applause

The final country to appear is GB, dressed in Golden outfits lead by Chris Hoy, and as they enter the arena the whole stadium erupts. We are close enough to see the smiles and expression on the faces of the athletes as they all come past. The place is going wild. Its an incredible feeling being part of it. Watching from the stands. I imagine being one of the athletes on the ground! Then its time to light the torch. Brought in by David Beckham and Stephen Redgrave and lit by several young up and coming athletes. It was incredible. The 2012 Olympics games are officially opened. London 2012 begins.  

London 2012 Olympic Games are officially opened