Thursday, August 23, 2012

32 degrees and Hurley on 3

We arrived back in the UK a week earlier than originally planned to get in some extra training for the World Cups later this year. The weather has been terrible here the last 6 weeks so all the rivers are super high. Hurley is on a sweet '4 gates' so we stop off for a cheeky surf before heading home for a few days to catch up with my mum, unload, relax and reload. Then its back south to Nottingham. HPP is super high and only open to the elite as the water is filthy and sinks. The weather is terrible but all this doesn't matter as the features are still immense. I had forgotten how good a training venue it is. It is really is World Class. Whilst in Nottingham we made the most of the high water getting in some sweet Newark sole surfing sessions before heading back south. The weather has now picked up... Its July, its 32 degrees and Hurley is on the perfect 3!!!

Loving the high water levels
Aaron and Rhona kindly offer to put me up so I spend several days surfing Hurley with Brandon. I pick up Motoko from Japan and we make the most of the incredible Hurley surf, living and chilling at the campsite just 2 minutes walk from the wave.

Motoko loving her first UK surfing session