Saturday, October 27, 2012

Charlotte, NC - WK Pro/Am For First Descents 2012

USA National White Water Centre
My final day in America arrives as I head south to North Carolina again. I'm flying out of Charlotte so have chance for one last paddle before I board my plane home. Charlotte not only is home to the International Airport but also the National White Water Centre in the USA. Today the Charlotte NWWC is hosting a charity freestyle whitewater event to raise money for Ultimate Descent an organisation that gives people with Cancer the chance to go kayaking. The Pro Am event invites paddlers to donate money to the charity and in return they get the chance to paddler, get coaching and compete with professional kayakers. I'm really glad to have the chance to call in, test out the whitewater centre, meet all the paddlers and support the event. Unfortunately I can't stay long though as my plane leaves at 6pm.

I once again pack up my kit this time loading it into flight bags. I return my red Rockstar small to the Jacksons, say my final goodbye to friends in the states, board the plane and watch my last US sunset for 2012.

Night skys in the USA
(photo by Dave Whortly aka Scout)