Thursday, December 22, 2016

Family Time in the UK and coaching for Carnegie Great Outdoors

For the last 12 years every September I have travelled to the Lake District in the UK to coach for Leeds Beckett University formally Leeds Met.

My Office for 4 weeks
Lake District Rush Hour

I arrived home excited to see family and friends and some beautiful parts of the UK. Forgetting momentarily the Brits weather I arrived home to blue skies and sunshine. Then sure enough the heavens opened and it proceeded to rain non stop for an entire week. I remember sitting piss wet through in the middle of a lake, surrounded by students in open boats, wind blasting, unable to see more than 100m ahead thinking why on earth have I come back. Then a few days later the rain stopped, the skies cleared and the mountains, views and lakes appeared and I remembered exactly why I had come back.3 pristine weeks later and with a kayak hand and face only tan. I had a million new memories of great days paddling with students. Plus four amazing weeks of memories of quality time spent with my mum. sister, nephew, nice, step mom, dad, friends and grandad. The real reason why I came all the way back.

Hanging out with Dad in Devon
Teaching my niece Olivia to paddle in the Lakes

Catching up with my Dad and Grandad

Hours playing and chatting with my mum, sister and little Nephew 

There is nothing more precious and important than family. Something I value so much more now I spend most of my life on the road and live the opposite side of the world.

Lake District life