Monday, December 26, 2016

Huge Big Loops

There is one place in the world that I really miss kayaking in nowadays and that is the Inlet gate in Nottingham. This trip I only got two days there but they were incredible. The first with Den and a whole crew of local boaters was a fun based session. Trying to dust away the cobwebs and learn how to hole boat again. The second a short but amazing session with Islay, Aaron and a handful of other local paddlers. A real reminder of how good this spot is and how good I am here with a little practice.

Hitting some Synchro Loops with young Maya-ray
Phoenixes, McNastys, Huge loops, Space Godzillas, Backloops, split to splits all the tricks i've worked on for years working once again. Flying one trick to the next. Then the new tricks, tricky wus, lunars, wu trickys and even a few lunar loops. So so so cool. I love this place. If the worlds end up in a hole I will have to come back and train here more. There is no where else in the world ( I have paddled yet) quite like it for training from the most basic to the most complex tricks.

Video from me training here a few years ago. This trip was so short we just paddled and didn't do any media.