Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Last week in Oz

Seriously! Saw this sign after an awesome ocean swim

Before I knew it my season in Australia was almost over and with only a week left it was time to finish it off with one last mad week of Aussie Adventures.

Former awesome adventures; an epic Fancy Dress Party

The Lion King Sydney Style - Amazing

Starting with a few great days in the Blue Mountains, in my last week I had the chance to spend some time wake boarding, mountain biking, hiking, boating and enjoying great food with new friends.

Hitting up a different type of fitness session with Abel

Rich did say we we're going cycling in the Blue Mountains!

Awesome swim spot and falls on our hike

Then back in Sydney I got to take one last trip into the city on the Sydney Ferry, do several more amazing training sessions at the Dojo with Abel and eat all you can eat free Ben and Jerry' s Ice Cream and go on a couple more laps of the Olympic Park and harbour on our 30k bike loop with Jez and our awesome roomies Pete, Maddy and David aka 'America!'.

Ben & Jerry's Free Scope day. Lap no 2 of 5

Then with only one day left in Sydney, I got to go on another amazing high adrenaline Sydney Harbour trip with the Taylor's in their awesome powerboat. There was some massive swells and we quite literally flew over wave after wave as we made our way to the beautiful Balmoral beach for a picnic. Chilling in the sun for a few hours we relaxed before jumping in the boat and blasting our way back at high speeds to the Olympic Park. Smashing our way through the swell. Flying past boat after boat as we took in the magnificent views of the city, opera house, boats, harbour and bridge.

Cruising under the Harbour bridge

What an amazing day with an amazing family :)

A stunning day on the water.

Recovering from blasting over the big swells.

What a way to finish my Sydney stay 

Amazing lunch

Goodbye Sydney, for a little while

Then all packed and ready to go. I jumped on a plane back to the Gold Coast where my trip had started 4 months earlier, with my mum and sister for a family friends wedding. This time join Jez for an amazing Easter weekend of sun and surf before boarding my first of three planes and beginning my long journey back to the UK.

Beauty beaches on the Gold Coast

Seriously stunning

Taking some well earned rest on the beach

Back to life and enjoying life on the coast

Quick stop on my early mooring run for a selfie shot

Quick stop on an early morning run to take in the views

Surfers Paradise crazy urban / beach mix

Classic Aussie Lifeguard Flag (photo by Jez)

Jez and Claire signing out from Australia